Sometimes I Fall Victim to Food Trends

OMG!  I thought it was dead!  My orchid!  It hasn’t bloomed or really grown anything in over six months and honestly I stopped watering it about three weeks ago.  But LOOK!!!  It’s alive!  And it’s not growing one but TWO NEW SHOOTS!  OMG!  My green thumb is getting a little greener I think.


But here’s the real reason for this post.  I am a victim.  A victim of food trends.  I see things on the internets or hear things in real-life and think, “this is going to be super great!  There is no way this isn’t going to be good.” I do this a lot.  Maybe you do too?  Maybe I am alone.  Either way, this happens to me, frequently.  And it happened recently.  Maybe you have seen this – chia seed pudding!  Cool right?  And no way this isn’t going to be weird.  I mean, how could something that you use to grow weird shaped grass plants with possibly be bad?  It is not my favorite dessert ever but it’s also not too horrible.  So I’ll still tell you how to make it.

Chia Seed Pudding:
1 cup almond milk (I used Silk vanilla almond milk)
2 Tablespoons chia seeds
Fruit (I used frozen blueberries because I didn’t have fresh fruit)

Mix all the stuff together in a mason jar or something you can easily shake and shake it.  Let sit for 15 minutes and then shake well again.  Let sit overnight or at least 5-6 hours.  Then eat and decide for yourself if it is weird…

Chia Pudding


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