I’m Not Going to Quit My Day Job

And become a builder.  I thought it would be a good idea to make a gingerbread house.  And it was.  Kind of.  I found a great recipe on pinterest buuuuut even though I made templates and measured very precisely, they did not bake with straight edges.  Womp womp.  So we had to use A LOT of icing to fill in the gaps…  You’ll see.

We also decorated this on cookie baking day.  Check it out!  Sweet huh?  Hold, I’ll tell you why I shouldn’t quit my day job.



1) As I already explained the pieces are not even.  And there was a lot of filling in holes happening.
2) The roof is not the same level.  You can see that the left side is much higher than the right side.
3) We put the shingles on backward…  You’re supposed to shingle from the bottom up not from the top down!
4) Clearly there are no gutters.  Look at all those icicles!!
5) That tree is burned to s**t!

Freddy was helping to put it all together but didn’t help with the shingles.  I think that was my downfall.  But it’s still standing! And that was like 20 days ago!  It’s sturdy.  That’s one good thing!


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