Holiday Wreath

It sucks waiting for packages.  I ordered some stuff from etsy and I have been tracking the package like a crazy person for the last seven days!  It says it was delivered to the post office this morning so there is a chance that I will get it today and I am SO EXCITED for this package.  I’ll give you a hint… it’s Christmas presents and they are matching.  Maybe I will be able to con my brother, sister-in-law and Freddy that they want to make an appearance on the blog wearing these matching items.  Guess we’ll find out on Christmas right?!

Anyway… remember this wreath?  Of course you do!  Remember when I said I didn’t glue anything to it so I could reuse it?  Welp, I did!  Check it out!!


Pretty right!?  At first it was just the bow.  Which, cool.  But then, Ma gave me those pretty red beads and WHAT?!  PERFECT!  I think it gives it a bit more glitz and glamour.  And makes it less boring!  And again, NO gluing so I can continue to reuse!



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