My Day Job is Awesome

My day job is awesome.  Why?  I’m a producer.  What is that?  Welp – I am jack of all trades.  I do it all!  And even though I’ve been working from 8am-midnight nearly every day (including weekends) for the last three weeks, I still think my job is awesome.  I’ve compiled a list of reasons why:

1) Free stuff.  We work with a ton of vendors and promotions companies and they like to give us stuff – pens, paper, notebooks, coffee mugs, t-shirts, tickets, etc.  My production manager went to a paper show.  Yes, like a fashion show but for paper!  SO COOL!  It’s the small things, folks.  Check out these super cute cards that she snagged for me!


2) I get to see my projects go from baby ideas to full grown adult campaigns all the way through.  Seriously, this is one of the coolest things about my job – hearing my client say “hey, I have an idea” and then seeing all of the produced pieces in-house, on TV, on the radio, on a bus, online, etc.

3) Piggybacking on #2, hearing/seeing my stuff on the radio/TV!  If you have never experienced this, you will not appreciate it.  Fred does not get nearly as excited as I do when I hear a radio spot or see a TV spot that I produced.  It’s almost like Christmas to me!

4) I work with like the coolest people ever.  Because really, I work at an ad agency and while it’s not like Mad Men in here the peeps are still pretty great.  We had a Halloween party last week and someone dressed up like a drunk Panda.  Two others also dressed up like other co-workers.  Soooooo good.  Legit.


5) I get to go to photo shoots.  Food glamor shot photo shoots.  I cannot EVER look at a photo of food on a menu or in an ad the same way as a person who has never had this experience.  I mean, clearly we all know that the food in the menu is not what we will actually be getting.  But it is amazing to watch a food stylist at work – placing itty bitty pieces of parsley with tweasers and using little kids paint brushes to literally paint salad dressing on lettuce!  Crazy, but amazing!  It’s a ton of work for one, ONE good shot but the results, AMAZING!

I’m sure that there are more reasons why my day job is awesome but, these are the best ones.  Thanks for reading this long-o post!  I appreciate it!


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